accepting the limits

I’ve recently finished listening to 4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman and it’s hard to shake off the feeling I got from the book.

First off: I didn’t expect to actually like the book. It felt like the classic book with information on how to live/manage time that I could’ve gotten already.

That wasn’t the case though. 

It made me think a lot. Mostly about how I approach the world, what anxiety comes from some of my choices, how I handle expectations and, in the end, how I handle time.
One of the things that was striking to me was the idea that we cannot fake it.

We don’t have enough time to do it all.
We will fail to do some of our tasks/goals.
Not only that, but we will fail inevitably, and this is a good thing. 

Even if you look at this concept through the lenses of the workplace, the result might be interesting.

From time to time, I get the classical imposter syndrome. As a result of this I try to do more, even better, often pushing my limits (and guess what? My stress levels).

But in the end, and unless there’s a big error somewhere, we only have two roads ahead: 
1. Either you’re already fit for the job and you need to accept what you can already do and just do it.
2. Or you’re not fit, and sooner or later the time will come.

You might say that option 2 can be, in fact, changed. We can all improve, and I agree with that concept, but there’s a limit to that. You cannot change instantly, so it’s useless to worry in the short term. 

It’s absolutely ok and precious to work on improving your skills in the medium/long term, but if your imposter syndrome is hitting you hard, the problem you feel belongs to the now. And now there’s little you can do.

You can take a breath, wait a couple of seconds, and accepting where you are now.

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