we’re an iteration

We should constantly strive to iterate, to make a small step in front of the other, to change. Slowly but profoundly.

Change would happen anyway, after all. 

Our environment changes us every day, making us more sick or more happy. 

A stressing work might change you, making you harsher, more reactive to news than you’ve ever been.

Change will happen, so better be leading some of it.

When we look at change, we always think about big transformations.

Think about losing weight for example. If we think about change we link it to being lean.

That, though, is the outcome. Not the change.

The change is incremental, step by step. We may lose a big chunk of weight in the beginning, but then it gets harder and you lose it in smaller amounts.

But those amounts do sum up and in the end allow you to reach the outcome.

Yet, those amounts are small and if you look at them individually they don’t feel like a big change. What’s a 1% change? Is it worth it?

If I do a 1% change today nobody will care, nobody will notice, right?

But, if you consistently do a 1% change every time (day, year, month), they add up.

With 10 changes, it’s a 10% change, is that worth it?

A change is nothing without being consistent and going through all the depressing phases where each change seems so small it’s useless.

But they are not, as long as we are consistent with them.

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