making space for growth

When we talk about growth we might instinctively think of “another thing to learn”. That happened to me quite a few times. 

It would also be true, but adding things to our todo list isn’t a very efficient way to grow because, what usually happens, is that we tend to never reach the end, or reach it with minimal learnings.

We should, instead, prioritize making space for it.

Making space might happen in two ways.

Time. The most obvious. No time, no space. Time is needed to learn anything, it’s the currency we need to have.

Mind. I’m not talking about having the right approach, but having enough space in the mind to allow new information to flow. 

Even by using the todo list, we’re adding stress and taking space in our mind. 

It’s really hard to not think about how long that todo list is, how we’d like to get to the end, what’s next etc.

These thoughts take space, which in turn limit our ability to learn new topics and experiment.

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