only now

I’m currently trying to live more in the now, this requires (for me) a strikingly high amount of attention and dedication because my mind will always try to move towards the past (things I’ve done) or the future (things I need to do).

One of the side consequences of letting only the “now” in, is how you handle some emotions.
If you are truly devoted to living only in the now, it’ll be hard for you to have resentment over something.
Resentment lives in the past and there is no past in the now.

Past becomes a tool, an amount of information you can use to move forward.

Future is instead only a plan, not a constant plan.

I have to say it’s not easy for me to live more in the now. I fail. And fail. And fail again.

But the rare times when I succeed, what I get back is worth it.

There’s a scene in spiderman: no way home, that resembles how I feel when things work out the way they should do.

Octopus has been healed by spiderman and the first thing he says is something like “The voices, they’re gone”.

That is my experience too, when I am able to live entirely in the present there are no voices, there is no fog. Only now.

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