We’ve all been there. We are bored while doing something. We would much rather prefer being somewhere else and doing something we enjoy.
We live in the age of boredom, or maybe we live in the age of high entertainment.

Notifications from your app, gamification in anything to create little addictions. 

The boredom in some cases might be artificial. A result of how many of the apps we use now demand our attention.

One of the thoughts that always comes to my mind when I’m bored doing something that I would qualify as “Real, normal life” is to jump onto my smartphone and use some app.

But where’s the pleasure? Being immersed in some kind of digital experience, even though funny or entertaining, is a constructed reward and pleasure. 

There’s no gain, no growth, nothing you learn or live that you will remember.
That feeble moment will disappear in our memories together with all the similar ones.
If you look at it from the outside, afterall, looking at a smartphone is kinda boring.

Yet we can’t do something different.

Want to change? Enjoy the boredom. Don’t escape from it. Embrace it as a way to diminish the habit of using your smartphone to cope with that boredom.

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