should all the weaknesses be addressed?

You can be talking about software, or even about yourself, but the question would still matter.

It’s rare to have something perfect, a software that has no flaws, no limits. I’d say almost impossible.

So what do you do? Do you plan to follow up your competitors on the feature they are strong, or empower your customers with the features they love for you?

That’s a common dilemma in software building. Time is finite, and thus we need to choose what to do.

We can’t do it all. But even if we choose to fix the flaws, new will come and it will be a neverending journey.

Balancing this is a matter of understanding where are the major frustrations but also having a deep appreciation of what works for your business. Because if what works got you here, in there is something valuable you shouldn’t forget.a

And the same goes for people. It’s ok to have a growth mindset, but you won’t ever be perfect.

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