all about people

Today I was checking some headline news of a news website and I noticed that an entire block of it was all about people.

Titles like ” imitates her mother, : ‘it never happened before’”.
I get that this is entertainment that titles like these appeal to a specific audience I’m not part of.
On the other hand I continue to wonder: How does knowing, and reading, this let us grow, what does it teach?

There can be things we read that don’t teach us anything, fiction can be often like that, but in this case, I wonder why we do feel the need to read about people we don’t know who we are not friends with, that are barely part of our life, compared to stories of our friends and so on.

Yes, these titles and events about famous people can entertain us, but how much of these articles will stay with us? How much of it will be some kind of useful memory?

Of all the people in the world, I wonder why we keep reaching out to the most distant one, instead of slowly understanding the people around us, each and every day.

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