Labels help us identify things. When you buy something you use the label to understand what’s inside, how it’s made, where it’s from.

It’s no wonder that we are used to labels not only in a supermarket but in the real life.

As in real life, though, you cannot trust labels. They’re an indication. They might be wrong and depending on which side you’re on, they might be entirely wrong.

People assign labels to us when they don’t understand, to reduce the complexity or to have familiarity. Labels are a way to help the mind cope with information that’s not clear to people. It simplifies the process. 

They can also be an assumption. Afterall we are most likely to understand what we know that what we don’t know. We assume that people work, think, execute like us, that’s a label too. And we base our thoughts around this idea, even if it might be wrong.

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