not special

One of the topics that resonated with me about Four Thousand Weeks book, is how to handle expectations.

When reaching a new level in your job, when switching job, or even in the personal life, it’s normal to look back and think that what we did was extraordinary.

That, though, implies that there is some kind of non-repeatable outcome, or extra effort needed to get there, while, in fact, you did it because you could do it.

You had the skills, the preparation, etc. Then, one of the things I often ask myself too is: What if I fail?

Well, failing is part of every journey, there is no journey without failure, but more importantly, we can’t change that. If we are going to fail because we didn’t have the skills to begin with, it will be almost impossible to fix, and even if we can temporarily make it, we would still face greater problems later on.

Either we were ok for the place we’re in right now, or we were never ok to begin with. In both cases, we can only accept our condition and do our best. Nothing else is required from us. Worrying about it was not, in fact, part of the requirements at all.

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