It’s been 2 years. 2 years and 1 day since the first lockdown in Italy. 
2 years, since we shut the country down.

I remember those days. It was warm and sunny, the weather was beautiful, and there was a sinister silence in the streets.

Even going out to throw the trash felt like violating some law.
Fast-forward two years, and now it seems like everything is almost ok. Covid is nowhere in the news.

But while I walk in the city, while I enter some buildings or train, I see signs of its passage.
I see distancing messages, mask information, “Wash your hand”, separate entrance/exits, etc.

How long those signs will stay with us? It’s not hard for me to imagine a time, 5 or 10 years from now, when I’ll see, under a rusty plate, the image of a sign inviting us to wear a musk. 
Or walk into a bathroom and see the instructions to wash the hands properly.

To me, it all feels post-apocalyptic. As in a movie, where there’s a distant past we forgot.
But in this case, even 5-10 years from now, it won’t be so distant.

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