When you look at ChatGPT it’s hard to not be even slightly amazed. It is extraordinary and opens up new possibility.

But what makes it great? Yes, the outputs are great, yes, it “guesses” correctly most of the time, yes, it works strikingly well.

If you look at what we had before, which kind of is Google search, there is one missing element there, that makes the difference in ChatGPT: the ability to interact.

That is probably the most significant change that we all wanted. 

We all wanted to tell google: Hey, the results you just gave me don’t make sense, can you improve them?

This deceptively simple question makes a great piece of the benefits. Who didn’t give up after refining a search a few times and not coming to a decent result? The ability to change and adapt, without a predefined “search rule” is part of what makes ChatGPT so appealing.  

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