what are the alternatives?

If anyone tells you that you only got two alternatives to choose from, think twice. 
They’re right, from their point of view, but what’s missing in the picture is that there are countless alternatives, as long as you can imagine them.

The two options proposed to you are just the one they can see, but they don’t count the extra ones you can see, or the ones a friend can see.
You can stretch your mind and find alternatives as sound and as crazy as possible. Things you didn’t consider, things you excluded.

It’s not that your world will only have two choices. It’s just that those choices are the one the people are aware of.

being paid equals taking responsibilities

One simple rule: If you’re getting paid then you must be accountable for your work, for the quality, for the output.

If you don’t get paid, but you give your word, it’s the same because you’re defining an outcome and as such, you can’t abandon the project.

It’s up to you to manage those expectations, to communicate, to set goals. But in the end you will need to be accountable and take your responsibilities, because if you don’t then some people might even wonder: What am I paying him for?

a slight change

We all need some change. Not because we’re not being understood or because we feel our potential hasn’t been expressed.

No, we need it to get out of our confort zone, to conquer again new lands, to understand different parts of the world.

Change, is somewhat a cure.

ignore the bad

There are times when you can’t fight the bad. Maybe you’re out of energy, luck, whatever.

In those times: ignore it, don’t make it count, don’t make it rule your world.

Sounds like simple advice, but it’s actually really hard.

dictators and questioners

There are the ones that dictate what to do and the one that ask you what to choose from. They evaluate the possibilities through help.

Some peiple might instead decide that their idea is the only one we can support. They might not doing because they feel like they’re the best, so you should not judge them.

What you should do instead is guiding them through discovering other option, understanding the complexity of the world so that you can arrive at a different conclusion, for a different outcome.


It’s only at the extreme that you can see and understand what your limits are.

How do you react when you’re angry, hopeless, drunk?

How much control do you have in those situations? That’s when the worst part of you shows up and it’s up to you if you want to listen to it or not. It’s up to you to decide which road to take.

It’s quite normal to fail, I would be surprised of the opposite, but at the same time, it’s in these moments that we learn about ourselves.

Some people might argue “In vino veritas”, meaning that once drunk you’ll be more of “yourself”.
To me being drunk resemble any of the other conditions like being angry.

It’s not about being a control freak, it’s about understanding what moves us in the worst way.

the road to success

Is not something clear, because: How would you even define “success”?
It’s paved by failure no one remembers nor talk about.

It’s based on adjusting, changing things that don’t work until they do.
It’s boring.

That’s why many fail, because we don’t stick, we follow trends, fears, loves instead of thinking objectively about where to go from this failure to the next.

Success is that road.

team building

It’s an abused word. Team building. Seems like everyone should like everyone else.

In some context it is taken to the extreme but the real team building is not about building a team. Is about building respect for other people in your group. Treating them as human. Starting to like their behaviours. 

It’s human forming, not team building.

our age

Our age defines what we can and cannot do.

It starts with what our body is able to do, but it moves also into the field of what we’re allowed to do.

As grown up, looking at a young girl, is not something you want to be caught doing, or you might be fooled into thinking that your body is appealing like it was when you were young.

All false. Your age defines partly who you are. It comes with a price. You become wiser and so you should use your age to improve the world around you.

Be the example for others to follow. Be impeccable.
Be the person other people will aspire to become.

Yes, age comes with a price and more responsibility, but at the same time it comes with the possibility to leave a sign, a trace into the people around you.

A sign you didn’t even dream of, 20 years ago.

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