no complain day

There should really be a “No complain day”.
A day we’re not allowed to complain in any way( not even in our minds ).

What could be done in that day, how would your perception of the world shift?

No complaining doesn’t mean you shouldn’t state your opinion, it means to clear up ego and the information overload that ego adds to the conversation.

When you complain, you add useless information (that we, as human, think it’s really important information although it’s not), you add judgement, you add prejudice.

It’s hard to remove ego. I find myself thinking a lot about that. I am full of ego, full of useless information, and although I can’t call myself a “person who complains a lot”, I know that there’s lot to do, to learn, to improve.

No complain day might just be that: a start toward a better you, a better me, a better world.

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