triple backups and security

The more the internet is in my life, the more I feel giving control to the web might create some unforeseeable issue in the future.

Much like the issue behind the stealing of the “n” username in twitter, I feel like we can lose it all in a glimpse.
All of our web identity, code, power.
Just one click and it’s destroyed.

I am not so naïve to think that I can secure myself from this threats, but still I need some backup.
That’s why lately I started using the Two Factor auth for the most important parts of my “web-life”. It’s a great way to secure my identity.
But there’s a lot that can be improved since I could lost the access with one deletion.

To fix this, I decided to triple backup the code in 3 secure system.
I feel a bit paranoid, but since I once got locked out, I hope it will save my from incurring into the same issue twice 🙂

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