good marketing gives, bad marketing steals and the shortcuts are evil

Some years ago I was very skeptical of marketing and to some extent I still am.
But after reading Ogilvy “On Advertising” I discovered the many faces of marketing, the good one and the bad one.

Given the fact that the practical goal of marketing is to increase revenue (well, usually), it’s easy as a marketer to choose a shortcut that will boost the revenue in the short term.
Many people in the world do this and I don’t believe it’s only because of marketing.

The “shortcut” is something we see very often, think of politics.
It’s easy to say that we will stop doing war, we will lower taxes and give 1000$ to each unemployed.
Time will then come and show how this claim was impossible to realize in the given time.
Promotions like this are the same thing: shortcuts.

Shortcuts are at the essence of bad marketing and, if I think more widely, to bad behavior in general.
Shortcuts when used in conjunction with relationships might lead to “saying things without explaining”, leading to misinterpretation.
Shortcuts when used in any work might produce results, yes, but might not be sustainable in the long term.

I know…. not every shortcut is necessarily bad, but a shortcut is, by definition, “A means of saving time and effort”.
And while I recognize that saying “Shortcuts are evil” is an over-generalization, I truly believe that we are too much accustomed to bad marketing that we believe shortcuts are a necessary evil.

They are not, shortcuts often deprive us from the joy of learning and improving because you don’t allow learning do go deep into your thinking, you don’t materialize your learning into some actual thing you can apply.
You only know the shortcut, not the general rule.

Getting back to the topic of marketing, good marketing, yesterday I was pleased to see the video ad for google translate .
This is good marketing, it enlighten you, it gives you power, it shows you how you can do more and be more, removing the blocks you have in life.

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