my first month review (jul-2015)

I always thought that reviewing what we do is a great way to improve and learn.
This month I took control again of my write schedule.
While this blog was constantly updated, I wasn’t following my rules and I slacked a lot.

It took me a while and a post from Matt Mullenweg to realize I wasn’t respecting my will.
Thanks to that I established again a stable post schedule which I’m kinda proud of.

I also got the courage to share some of this blog writing, and while I don’t consider myself anything more than a normal person writing about whatever I got in mind, I realized some of the writing that I did here was at least worth it.
Maybe not genius, but I loved it, and sharing it proved I was kinda right.

One of the post I really enjoyed writing was you don’t need to say that you’re great . I kept thinking about how what we say changes us, in many ways but the more I grow old and learn, the less I’m inclined to use this method since I value authenticity and empathy.
This means that instead of trying to fake good emotions I try to live them to light their fire.
It’s very similar, but in the mind is a totally different approach, and the results are clear.

I also got the chance to finish some great posts on my “Official” blog, like the migration tutorial from Heroku to Openshift .

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