august 2015 recap

So, how did my august went?

First of all, it was my first and only month where I constantly updated this blog. Small task, I know, but it worked out.

Bad news is that I skipped yesterday. Totally forgot about it.
This makes me think that it’s best if I do it first thing in the morning instead that during the day, otherwise I always find myself trying to find the time.

One of longest the posts I wrote talks about change and how can we really to to change

another is about feelings that should not be hidden.

Checking back the post is also a great way to realize what’s been on my mind during this month.
For example I discussed a couple of times about the news (both the bad news and the tv news).

Or I talk about the value of your time (concluding it’s you can “just do it“) and then read a wonderful post from Jason Fried about time vs attention which kinda changed my whole perspective.

All in all, a beautiful month.

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