marketing in the world of friendship

A friend of mine asked to promote his facebook page.

Mostly because I have “many friends”. Now, this isn’t something that worries me. I’m not a famous person, so I can honestly say that when he told me “many” he meant “much more than me”. 

I’m not relevant for this, yet he thought that I could somewhat guide all my friends into liking his facebook page.
My reply was fast and immediate, and I asked him for some reason about the page. 
What does it do, who should benefit from it and so on.

He still didn’t reply but the point is that this is an old issue.
You can’t expect people to promote your product with noreasoning. We want reasons, we want benefits and that is not going to change.

Either a product delights us and make us dreams so much that we buy it, or the product solves a problem dear to us. There’s no way out.

The idea that simply promoting it and it’ll skyrocket is useless.

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