don’t ask others to do your work

There are many many ways to delegate work. For example one common thing is that when we got more responsibilities we stop delegating, instead we abdicate.

The main difference between the two options is that when we Abdicate we’re simply handing over the task to do without any added value, nor help.

It’s like when you’re playing football, a friend launched the ball towards you and you avoid it, telling the next person in line “you! Take it!”.

Delegation, on the other hand, means that you got to know what’s to do and you can prepare the way, helping the person next in line as much as possible so they can do their work instead of figuring out all the variables.

Seems like a simple thing but we’re often abdicating instead of delegating.
It’s easier, much more easier.
But by doing so you’re asking the other person to do a part of the job you were supposed to do.

You’re asking them to prepare the work, getting the information and _then_ start working.
The worst thing of all? You’re not taking ownership of your tasks.
You are not helping the company, nor adding value. 

If you abdicate chances are you won’t consider yourself responsible if things go wrong, but guess what? You _are_ responsible. Because in the chain of command you’re at a higher level.

So no, if the project fails, it’s not someone else to blame because they didn’t do what you told them (or didn’t told) to do. 
It’s because you didn’t do your job, you didn’t take the ownership and cared about yourself and the project.

Always strive to prepare the work for others as much as possible, lend a hand, clean the way. And if shit happens, take responsibility.

Avoid abdication, because with abdication you’re teaching people two wrong things.
1. It’s not our job to help people do their best work
2. whatever the outcome, I’m not responsible for the task.


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