it’s your damn job

It happens, you get stressed, a little bit depressed.
Suddenly the job you love so much doesn’t seem so appealing.

You start wondering: What should I do? Should I leave? Maybe it’s time to switch jobs, maybe this is not for me, it’s not the right time.

We all got to that point, I did multiple times and I continue seeing people on that edge. 
To me there was one thing that changed it all: “It’s your job, no  matter how good or bad, you should always do your best”.

This doesn’t automatically translate into “Don’t leave the job”. What it says is that, _while you’re on that job_ you should always do your best.
Shit will come, bad times will come. They will always come as they do in real life. But you can’t quit in real life right?

It’s hard to know when it’s a bad time that’ll pass and when a bad time will stay. But whatever the situation you’re in you should do your best, work your best, put the best you can do.

Because, even if you leave the company, what you left behind is a better place than the one you first met.


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