are you super-busy?

How do you feel like you’re super busy? 

It feels like you’re a key piece of the puzzle, like if the company _depends_ on your skills.

It might happen from time to time to be extra busy, but if your go-to answer for any question or request for help is “I’m too busy” then you should rethink your role.

You’re not important, you’re a bottleneck.
I know, it’s nice to be extra-busy, to feel that buzz of importance. But if it happens too often or if it doesn’t allow you to help people _on your same team_, then it’s not working as it should.

You should think about _why_ this happens and find a plan to get out of it. 
Plan some buffer time to allow busyness to compensate and extend like water, ask for help. Whatever the solution, think about it.


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