how to run a marathon

If you’ve never run in your life, would it be possible to run a marathon tomorrow?
Of course not. 

Would it be possible in one week? Nope.
What if you’d have 1 year? Maybe.
3 Years? Yes.

But how can you get to run a marathon in 3 years?
You have to prepare, maybe not each day, but frequently and consistently.
You have to plan, to define the many small steps in between.

The first months you’ll be able to run 10 minutes. A marathon in those days will feel like you’re trying to do the impossible.
But if you keep working, if you keep training, after a few months those 10 minutes will become 20 minutes, a kilometer, 2 kilometers.
The distance till the end will slowly become smaller.

What if you slack? That time won’t become smaller.
And the thing is: it’s not about a marathon. It’s about doing things.

Learning to sing, learn a new language, learn to discuss, learn to be kind.
All of these activities are like learning a marathon. They require time and _most of all_ they require consistency.

They require you to show up and do your thing each and every day for a long time.
They require you to not give up, to continue even if it seems too far, out of your reach.

And if you do trust that the end is gonna come, that you’ll get to that goal one step at a time, then you’ll get to the finish line.

Because consistency trumps everything. It trumps talent, it trumps fortune.
Consistency is the key to do, learn, and improve.
The only way to keep doing things is to be rigid about it. To do it nonetheless. Rain or shine, good or bad day.

Because each misstep will take you away from the goal, from the result and will make the goal impossible to achieve even though it was possible in the first place.


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