nobody likes to drown

What’s the first reaction when you’re not able to manage a sea or a pool and you’re drowning in it?

You move frantically your hands and try to shout “Help me”. 
It one of the few moments  in life when ego and our social status doesn’t get in the way.

In near-death situations we tend to get back to our roots, to ignore whatever status we have. To do what’s needed to survive.

In the usual life, though, we don’t.
We avoid asking for help because it might mine our status, it’ll make us look weak, fragile.

We think that, by doing it by ourselves, we’ll be greater, have more impact, have more money, be more important.
Except that it’s not.

We’re that guy drowning in a pool. In some cases the guy can get out by himself, but in most of the cases he dies.

We’re slowly dying to protect our status, missing out the opportunity to improve, build something greater than us, something we might not be able to do by ourselves.

Ask for help, you’ll see that it’ll benefits you and your work.


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