let’s sell it more

You have a product, you want more sales (or start sales).
What do you do?

  1. Pay for advertising
  2. Ask friends to share the link on facebook
  3. Ask coworkers to share the link on facebook
  4. Do a website for your product

What if none of these really matters? (well, maybe number 1 in case of well established products).

Want sales? The question is not “How can I get more”, the question is “Why am I not getting enough of them?”

And the answer, 9 out of 10, is: Something’s wrong with the  claims, with how you sell it, with what you say and we don’t know why.

Hard to fix right? But there’s an old job that’s the perfect example of how to get the right sale pitch for your product.
It’s a job that doesn’t require you to ask friends to share a link to a website, because that doesn’t drive sales.

What drives sales is: Selling.

So what do you do? You start selling it to real people in real life.
_And you record the audio of each sale_.

The first 10 sales will be pure garbage, but once you adjust your pitch you’ll see some reactions and hopefully more sales.
Once you are confident of the pitch, once you can sell it confidently, _then_ and only then it’s time to do a website, advertising, whatever (no asking to share link, please. A product worth sharing gets shared. Your friend john won’t earn you any sale).

After all the hardest part in selling, is selling.
There’s no workaround, but you can MVP it by selling _first_ in real life, then in the medium of your choice.


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