the hard thing about work

If you’re already skilled and get paid to work, what’s so hard?

In your daily work, did you ever thought about “How hard it is to program?” or to “Make a marketing plan” or “Make a cappuccino” or to “Make a pizza”?

Did you ever thought your basic requirements for working were too high for you? I doubt it. It’s not that. 
What’s hard is communication, is managing people, is finding agreements between the various parts.

But no, working doesn’t belong to this complexity, working is the easy part. Once you learned how to do the basic job, that’s easy. The hard thing is to communicate, to be empathic, to get things moving.

It’s absurd to think that in a world made of people you can leave out people from the equations. They are not numbers they are part of the system and as such you have to learn how to deal with them. How to communicate so that each and every person will feel special in a meaningful way, so that they can contribute.

Your work is 35% work, 65% communication.
Think about it when you want to learn something new.


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