who to blame

Your team just screwed it up.
They made something entirely different, or left a gigantic bug.

You’re the higher in command aside from your boss, then you have a chain of people under you, and the last person in the chain made the mistake.

Whenever I think about this a story comes to mind. It’s a story of a small company making videogames on facebook. They somewhat became famous and got a big money cashflow, so they hired a new junior developer.

The work there was very fast, and one day the junior developer did delete the entire production database. Destroying months, if not years of work.

Who’s to blame then? What would you do?
The company blamed it on the junior developer and fired it.

Seems legit right? You break everything, you should pay for it.
But if you think about it, who did gave that power to the junior developer? Maybe his superior, without explaining enough to be careful.
And who _didn’t_ put in place regular backups? Maybe his superior.
And why the backups weren’t put in place? Maybe because the boss didn’t want them to spend time on such topics because they had a business to run and they’d lose money.

So, who’s to blame?
Whenever such big mistake comes out it’s easy to point directly to the final error. But what _led_ there, was a chain of command.
The reason why your boss gets more money than you is that he/she have more responsibilities, and is holds true also for your superior.

Is the junior guy responsible? Yes, but also are his superior and the boss. All of them are and all of them should pay _based on their responsibilities_.
The more you have, the more it’s your fault.

Therefore in most of the cases the answer to “Who’s to blame” should be “Me”.


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