the learning tide

A nice concept I discovered is how we do learn.

Did you ever go to a friend to give him/her some great advice in the hope that it’ll change his/her life only to find out they won’t listen?

It’s frustrating. You feel powerless.
Well, this happens for many reasons.

  • We might not be in the mood.
  • We might not like how you’re saying it
  • We might not understand it
  • We might hate showing vulnerabilities.

And even though you remove all these roadblocks, the message might not get through and that’s because of _timing_.

Timing is everything, as it is in shopping, in life. You wouldn’t try to go to the bathroom if you don’t need to, you wouldn’t try to sell things to a poor man, you would wait until you have the conditions to do it.

Learning works the same way. You need to have the appropriate timing and context otherwise you’re wasting your time.

How to get the right timing varies from person to person but we all do have one thing in common: The tide.

There are some moments in life when we are more open to change, to new information. Those moments are when we all are riding the Tide. We’re on the top of it.

That’s when we should give advice, share information. If the person is on the lower part of the Tide then leave them alone. Nobody would ever hear your advices. Wait for the tide to get back up, because it’ll get there eventually.


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