lead the way

How many times did you felt like this isn’t the right way to manage a project, to let people work with you, to talk, to express your opinion, to discuss complex topic?

There is no shortcut, no way around, and it’s the same old song: We can’t change the world. 
It’s absurdly hard to change the behavior of the people around us.
We can try but they’ll get difensive, they’ll start protecting their own positions.

So what to do? Lead the way.
Be impeccable, show _your_ way of doing things, your way of approaching a problem, your way of sharing bad news.

Lead the way and do it at your maximum. Don’t try it, do it. Do it like if you are on television and everyone is watching you, do it like if this is the way of your life.

Because, afterall, if you believe in your preachings, then why not practice them as much as possible? Do it in the places you can, express them, show the way to the people that can embrace a different course of action.

It’s only by leading, by showing the way, that you can encourage people to do the same.
Think about when you’re in a course and the teacher asks “What’s the reason for this?” and it’s not a clear answer, right? Maybe we’re talking about politics, the universe, money, whatever.

You feel like you got a good answer, but you’re afraid.
You’re afraid to be wrong, to be shamed in public, to be that stupid guy that says stupid things.
So what do you do?
You wait until someone puts one hand up to share an answer and after that many hands come up too.

That single person _enabled_ everyone to do the same. He/Her gave you the courage to do the same.

Be that one, be the one that puts the hand up first.
Take the leap, lead the way.


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