life in a glass

When I was a child my mother would often remind of a saying “If walls were made of glass, you’d see what families do for real”She meant that we change our behaviour based on the fact that “nobody is watching us”, that if people were watching us it would show all the bad things we do or we would stop doing them because of that kind of transparency.

In the internet era this is so true. Everything is made of glass, each and every word you write can become something that will be available to everyone in the world.

This means that what we write and say is important and thus we should do our best to say it like the whole world is reading that email to our boss or our coworker. 

It’ll change everything. You’ll see that if you think about “having more people reading what you write” it’ll change the tone, the message.

Everything will be different. 
Part is because we tend to protect ourselves from backfire, and that’s what we should avoid.

Having glass walls doesn’t mean you should lie, fake emotions or intentions. No. You have to be true to what you think, but expose it more kindly, with more thought and empathy so that if it “leaks out” it’ll still be fine.

I think it could be summarized with: Be honest, be kind.


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