the hardest thing to do

What is the one thing you would not like to do?

At work, at home, what is it?

When I think about this question many boring things come to mind. Cleaning for example is one of them.
But none of these answer is the correct one.

The hardest thing to do is to do a thing well when you don’t want to do it. 
Is to show up, do your work in the best possible way in your worst possible day.

That is the hardest thing to do. It might happen during work, during life, during a night out.
In those moments everything leads you to surrender, to give up, to stop, and it’s only when you do your best work anyway that you’ll discover the value of persistence, of doing the thing each and every day.

That is what I call Being Professional.
It means thinking rationally even when you are in bad mood, it means working even when you don’t want to, it means creating value even at your lowest energy.
It means exceeding the standard, because what you provide cannot be easily obtained elsewhere.


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