take your time

A couple of question for you

  • How do you think? Are you a fast-thinker, a slow thinker?
  • How do you decide? By impulse, after cooling down, by documenting, after confronting with others?

In other words: How do you handle your life?
It’s important to know it because you have to be prepared in both cases.

The slow ones.

I know. Slow has a negative connotation, but in fact slow in this case means: Taking time.
You might be slow in making decisions because you need to have a clear view of what’s happening.

You need more data, or you need to be relaxed.
_You have to know this_. Why? Because there will come a time when you’ll be asked for a quick answer and you’ll need a backup plan.

You need to know exactly what to say to gain more time, you need to know how to gain more time and how to get back into a relaxed mindset.

This way you’ll be yourself and be true to what you do best.

**The Fast Ones**

If you’re fast you have to know it too. Because sometimes you’ll be put in slow situations, waiting for a call or whatever.

This will test your temper. It will test your character and you have to be prepared so that you will avoid falling into these traps.

Or you might know what your fast-making ability is great _only_ in some cases and if so you’ll have to learn when to take time and when to speed up.

In both cases, we’re talking about understanding how you work, how your mind works, how your emotions are triggered so that you know how to act in any situation.

If you don’t know, you can’t act.


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