After some years both as an employee and as a company owner I came to realize that urgency, for some people, is the standard.

I don’t know if it’s because they realize what must be done too late or if it’s because they are extremely anxious.

The fact is: For some people urgency, emergency, is the standard.

There is no difference between long term, short term: Everything is urgent. Everything is needed now.

These people might be easy to spot, but it doesn’t mean they’re always visible in plain sight.
Some people hide the urgency behind a great communication, some people use different words. In the end you might not guess instantly that they are “those type of people”.

It might take a while and some introspection to understand who they are but when you do there is only one answer to them: Delay them.

Not if the work is truly urgent, not if it’s truly critical.
Delay them when it’s not.

Here’s the thing: Urgency is like a sale. If everything is on sale, nothing is on sale.
Same goes for urgency.

Go for the important things. Those will _always_ pay off in the long term.
Not so many things are truly urgent. A lost website might be urgent, payment not working might be urgent.

Wrong text? It depends.
Wrong image? Unless it’s inappropriate then it’s definitely not urgent.

Urgency often lies in the needs and the social status of the other people.
They overpromised and urgency is their way to get their act together.
Or maybe they need to save their face in front of their boss, coworkers, whatever.

Urgency is rarely a matter of damage, mostly a matter of status.
It’s hard to distinguish between the two, but after a while trying you’ll start noticing pattern and know when it’s the right time to delay, to put the important things first.

Because important things will always make a change. Urgent things will always make a fix.


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