a little respect

What will you remember 10 years from now?

Will you remember that customer that shouted at you?
Will you remember the long working hours?
Will you remember the anxiety of finishing a task?


Will you remember that trip to Hawaii?
Will you remember your wedding day?
Will you remember that time when you did bungee jumping?

As you might have guessed: Some experiences stay with us, some other disappear.
Work is great, work is part of our life.
But work should be efficient, if it’s not then it won’t make a big difference.

Working too many hours might be useful for a short sprint to help a project, an extra hour from time to time might seriously help your coworkers live a better workday tomorrow and in these cases then go for it. Do it.

It shouldn’t be the norm though.
Your quality of work is based on your life, and your life is what you’ll remember 10 years from now.
All the rest is gonna disappear. You’ll even forget many of the discussions you’ll have with your partner, let alone the issue at work.

So learn to protect your time, both in and out of your work.
Make your time count, be more productive at work by having less distractions (messages, etc) and protect the rest of your time.


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