when work ends

If you happen to be in a smart working company chances are that you’re lucky.
Surrounded by great people with a nice mindset.

You might be tempted to simply do your work. But what is your work?
In today’s jobs our work doesn’t really equate a task.
Is a task “your work”?

I’m not sure. What I think is that a task is part of our work.
Completing a task is part of what we should do.
We should also be sure to do it correctly, be sure that we understood the problem and how to fix it, following up to be ensure that the people depending on our work will use it correctly and so on.

The more we help the people after us, the more we try to be sure that what we did was great, the more the workflow will improve, the more the quality of what we do will stand out.

It’s easy to simply finish a task. It’s one click away.
But your work is much more than that, don’t be fooled by technology and go the extra mile to help, improve, document, discuss.


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