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  • if all the love was done onto you

    If all the love was done onto you then it would be the perfect day. Having love, discovering love, living love, is one of the most powerful things that could ever happen to you. If it happens, then it’s your perfect day. When people care, when people move for you, that’s when you feel the […]

  • the illusion of bad thought

    Bad thoughts seem always like the right thing, it’s absolutely normal to think that it’s best to share them with someone. Sharing our dark thoughts seems compelling, but is that useful? Does that help with solving the problem? If all we do is keep  complaining than it’s difficult to find an exit to the tunnel. […]

  • the silences we don’t brake

    Silences are awkward and they often tell us more than words could ever convey. But we fail to break them in the most precious moment, when we want to rebuild connection.

  • a matter of priority, faux interest vs real interest

    Yesterday I was talking to a friend,, once I shared with him my 2015 goals he said that he too wanted to do that many things (I was talking about contributing to opensource and so on) but he just couldn’t make it. When he got home, he didn’t have the will to do it and […]

  • the introvert advantage

    I am an introvert, at least I think so, and one of the things I always found out true about myself is determination. Which shouldn’t be confused with the fact that I, occasionally, procrastinate as much as anyone out here in the world. Being an introvert gives you a place to think of, where your […]

  • prejudice will grow on us

    If we keep talking and complain, if we keep giving our bad voice a stage we will just continue to let our prejudice grow upon us, to change us. Many people online believe we are what we do, not only what we say. But listening to this motto might hide a different issue. Saying something […]

  • make lists and do one thing

    Making lists helps defining how we work, it ignites into our brain a pattern to create a map, a defined map of what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. Let’s take a degree thesis for example. When you are preparing your thesis you are usually out of ideas, […]

  • miss a beat

    When you miss a beat of any habit you slowly start losing it. The only way to keep it stable is to acknowledge and share the failure and keep going l. Yesterday, for example, I skipped a blog post.

  • the lies behind every **urgent** matter

    You probably already know that emails are a way for other people to allocate your time (and if you don’t, learn it now). The thing about emails and urgent emails is even more interesting. Urgent, is something referred to a situation. The email containing the “URGENT” element in the message usually answer the “what” question. […]

  • share the joy

    Share the joy as a way of life, don’t settle for a rule. Joy is one of the most powerful elements in this world and is the result of feelings mixing into your mind and heart. In today society we might want to hide joy because it makes us appear “different”, not in line with […]