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  • never forget the family

    I was taking a look at some old photos today and I realized I’m missing photos of my family. many of them. Over time your family may change, or may not. But if inside your heart it stays the same and you find photos missing, then it’s time to change something, to regain that time […]

  • 7 questions to discover and understand your niche

    It happened some weeks ago when I was talking to my fiancè and she wasn’t sure about her skills in finding a niche. “How do I find where to sell a product to them?” she told me. Then I decided to do a small test with her, to see if this was something a total […]

  • getting to a conclusion

    I wonder if everyone has as many doubts as me when I get to any kind of conclusion. This is mostly derived from the fact that once you cristallize your tought into something that has a meaning, you give to it an enormous power, mostly because you want so deeply to be right that you […]

  • if you have a cold, what will you do?

    If you encounter a roadblock what will you do? Will you stop or move forward? Today, since I feel a bit sick, I wondered what are the choices we see when we encounter a roadblock, like a cold, for example. The first 2 ones are easy: Stop, or ignore it. But are these the only […]

  • unprecedented fear

    When you’re stuck in between the possibility to make a big change, you will experience fear. Fear of failure, of not being able to produce results, fear to not accomplish the result. Pure simple striking fear. But what’s the alternative? The alternative might be to not live the way you want, to accept something that […]

  • the key to relations

    What is the key to relations? And more than anything, is there a reason why they go out of control? Seeing so many different kind of people interacting and how some of them fits perfectly together seems like magic sometime. I wonder if there’s more than it meets the eye, behind the guys that yells […]

  • How to learn

    There are many tricks out there that will teach you how to learn, but while one may agree or not about their effectiveness one thing is sure: choose the one that fits you the most. Don’t only read the benefits but listen to your mind and your body to understand if it’s like the way […]

  • the illusion of freedom

    Waiting for the chance to come, for our financial freedom to happen, for a good job proposal to hear is like preparing for disaster.

  • take it off

    To learn, to move forward sometimes you just have to take some weight off the result. After you start learning you accumulate things you might not need, as if your mind is a house you need to clean it up. Cleaning it up at first might seems like destroying something. In fact you start removing […]

  • stick to the rules

    When you are the person making the rules why not follow them entirely? One thing I noticed about creating habits is that once you miss it once, you miss it forever. I remember a dear friend of mine saying: “If you start smoking once, than it’s always easier to allow yourself smoke again”. Or “If […]