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  • being slow

    I recently started listening to the Tim Ferris podcast, and in one of the episode the guest was the founder of WordPress/Automattic, Matt. I started listening and the first thought that came to mind was “How slow does it talk?” Matt talks slowly, he takes his time without adding “ehm, ahm”, etc. A wonderful way […]

  • presenting information in the right way

    Today while I was waiting for the train I ordered a croissant. There were many of them,all beautiful. I asked for one with apricot jam, and then when it arrived I noticed that it was different from the one in the most visible part. It wasn’t fresh, just a frozen good for fast food. Only […]

  • you don’t know which one will help you

    so leave the door open

  • let the sunshine in

    It’s a sunny day here in Italy, and we hang out after lunch in the sunlight. After a cold winter today it’s almost a hot day, and staying outside is nice, really nice. I often forget how much pleasure you can get from just staying in the light of the sun. It’s not just about […]

  • would you extend your life?

    Today we were talking about Elysium Health, a new product that should slow down the aging process of humans. They are just pills, and they say the project is backed by nobel prize winners. Life is a curious topic, I am now reading Seneca “On the shortness of life” and talking about life, aging process, is […]

  • stand up and nourish your life

    Standing up for yourself as a way to cultivate yourself is not very in the news right now. We are more attracted to standing up for other people rights or standing up to build credibility or have some deserved attention. The latter things, the one focused on yourself, are more often then not the results […]

  • accountability and the exposure of dreams

    I always wonder what it takes to be accountable, to make it till the end, to reach your goals. I think that one of the best way to ensure this is to expose our will to others. Expose them to our dreams, the real one, not the faraway dreams you won’t do, but the ones […]

  • accepting failure is a matter of questions

    What will you do when you fail is something that might mark your life. Success, failure, are just steps of a process of research, and as such shouldn’t contain sadness. They are just part of life. But when we talk about failure, sadness appears because you’re implicitly judging yourself for not being able to reach […]

  • the synonym for passion is caring

    Have you ever wanted to stop doing something? Or, worse, did you stopped doing something you once loved because you didn’t care about it anymore? This is a usual setup when we experience a Burnout in a work environment. When you experience a burnout you suddenly (at least for me) try to save yourself by […]

  • you should track the small steps

    A year is a long time. It passes like a day, I know, but in fact during one entire year lots of good and bad shit happens and we end up forgetting some of them. That’s why we should keep track of what we are doing. To remember, to love. to discover what was wonderful, […]