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  • 27 failures

    The NYT best seller book “4hr workweek” was rejected 27 times. Think about it when you feel like giving up, ’cause you don’t know when you’ll get to your 28th.

  • accept the wrong solution

    It happens. You work so much but you seems stuck into a maze. No solution on the horizon to be found. What to do then? You could continue searching for it, but there’s a fine line between success and failure, between understanding when’s the right time to quit. That decision is part of your job. […]

  • how to raise an argument

    Let’s say you felt betrayed by a friend and now you both hate each other, how do you manage that? You might try to ignore it, fake the relationship, or think about how to fix it. Maybe you won’t be able to fix the issue with him/her, but at least having such desire is a […]