the meaning of play

I guess I still haven’t understood perfectly the meaning of play, although I might say that I try to study it as much as possible.

Play as never-ending game. Play as deep enjoyment.

I first heard about Play when I was listening to the power of vulnerability, an audio book by Brene Brown.
From that listening on, many things shifted. I remember how much controversial that book it was to me.
It wasn’t controversial because I was against its preaching but because it challenged everything I knew with some kind of new knowledge that was (and still is) difficult to translate into action.

We are used to our way of life, we are used to how we think.
Changing that is pretty difficult, but not impossible.

Play had a primary role into that book, because with play you free yourself.

That was the same conclusion Josh Waitzkin got in his book “The art of learning”, but he applied to a slightly different topic.

Reading both books made me realize that we all need to play.

finally online

I decided to move all the blogs to a new hosting (digitalocean), it was a simple thing but on the way I wanted to see if I could also learn a few things.

Failed a few things but I learned a lot along the way and I’ll write about that.

Also, I’m very excited about tomorrow as it will be a new change into my life, moving from a 5 days workweek to a 3.5 days workweek.
It will force many things to change.

the trick to shipping things

Every now and then I realize that I’m procrastinating.
This can happen for a lot of reason: lack of interest, too many things to do, bla bla bla.

Procrastination isn’t necessary a bad thing, I personally believe in procrastinating as a way to keep the focus on one task (and put all the others on hold) but there are times where procrastination is counterproductive and that is when it doesn’t allow you to ship things.

Shipping is a term widely used when talking about products, but I guess we can use it for every task we want to complete as a whole.

When I realize that I’m procrastinating and I feel like I should ship instead there’s a trick I use to focus: Ship what I have.

Usually this moment happens when I already have done some of the work, it doesn’t happen at the beginning, when no work is done.
Why? Well… I think I tend to be a kind-of perfectionist (not obsessed though), so I plan to ship when I got all the things lined up, but this isn’t always the reality.

Reality will be that I don’t always have the time and will to do all I’ve got to do.
So I ship what I have and force me on do the best to finalize in a small time.

accepting good news

The world is filled with bad news, every day we read the newspaper or listen to TV we get bombarded with horrible news.

Then, when we come into the garden of our small life we hear bad news about our work, our relationship, etc.

There’s always someone who’ll pick up a chance to tell you some bad news. You might also wonder if it’s entertaining (and, sadly… it is.)
Within this whole block of information, are you able to accept good news?

Today I was talking with a  dear friend who was stressed from his day to day job, and I told him: You have nothing to fear, your skills are so worth it you won’t even have the slightest trouble in finding a new job.

I really mean it, but he was somewhat confused.

Then I asked myself How many times I refused good news?
How many times was I too scared to accept the opportunity that a good news can bring into my life?
This happens every single day, we all get both good and bad news, but we fail to recognize the former.

respecting other’s struggles – and a note

I guess we should all learn to respect each other’s struggle.

We all have a life, and while we move into ours we should always keep an eye on what’s happening around us, respecting the work of others, trying our best to not harm anyone.

Harm can’t be avoided, but if we do our best can be diminished.

On a side note: I realized it’s a super good idea to write down each month/week goals and accomplishments.

at the end of the year it will make it easier to know what went good.

helping others

I keep turning to this topic: Helping others.

In the past I was very selfish. I thought of myself and put my priorities up in the list.
I improved, although I can hardly say that I fully changed.

It would be foolish of me to think that I’m a better person now. I’m good, yes, I make good deeds, yes, but I still have that lingering feeling that helping myself is better than helping others.

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe it is really important to help yourself first, to love yourself first, to understand that without yourself you’ll be nowhere.

We are the the ground where our life is built upon.
That ground, though, needs some more seeds, some different seeds, like helping others.

We should dedicate time and effort to help people, time and effort to let them grow and outgrow us with no sense of competition.
I think this because the only way to create a better world is to improve our surroundings, but at the same time this action of helping others shouldn’t be solely moved by this selfish need (because it is selfish).

No, the will to help others should grow slowly as a small seed inside us, it should become a bonsai of actions we do every day.
One day it’ll be a small task, the next day a big action.
But it should be something we feel it belongs to our DNA, not because we believe something, not because we need something, but because we know it’s right.

new projects

Following the advice I gave on the last post, I decided to write on something I had in my mind, new projects.

The work/life balance all depends on how you decide to work.
You might be the hard worker, the nerd, whatever, but that is just a part of the system you’re in.

It’s how you spend your time that will influence what kind of balance you’ll have once you stop working.
There are many subtle decisions that will influence this

  • Will you have the work email on your phone?
  • can you detach your mind from thinking about the next task?

just these two questions are enough to decide what kind of life you’ll live once you shut down your computer.

the trick to write when you don’t want to

There is a trick to do something (like writing) when you don’t feel like writing at all.

The thing about this trick is that it requires you to do the work you’re supposed to do, and it works like this.

To write when you don’t want to, you start writing.
That’s it. That’s how this post came up.
I gave myself the rule to write every single day, and I don’t expect to have a good idea or something worth sharing every day (and if that happens, good for me).

So to write, you just have to write.

But I agree with you sometimes we don’t have ideas don’t we?
So, can you cope with that too?

Given the fact that you can write even if you don’t want to, what if you have to write on a specific subject?
My personal tactic when I don’t have an idea is to take an object or an element, and start writing about that.

If you are allowed to write about any specific subject (for example you want to create a new chapter for a fiction book, or a short story), then pick whatever is around you, a black swan, a tv, a pomodoro.
Describe it, start with that and then open the visual to what might be around this subject (this time don’t describe what are you seeing, but go with the flow).

If the topic is defined beforehand then pick something on that single topic.
For example: do you want to talk about web development in php and you already wrote about php and basic programming? Let’s dig deeper into advanced flow paradigms.
It might not be the perfect next chapter, but it will be a good start, and you can arrange it later.

Also, if in doubt on how to get ideas, remember to read this article on questions.

build memories

I continue thinking that our biggest value is what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it.

Up to this point this only leads to building experience with people, creating relationships that matter, trying to influence people with the good you learned.

To achieve this, I believe building memories is a great thing.
Traveling, sharing moments, are what a good life is about.
Taking pictures, sharing them.

I have an idea for a side project about mindful happiness.
We’ll see if I get it done.

sleep is good

Many early-riser think that sleep is bad.
After all while you sleep you aren’t doing a thing.

I guess it’s a difficult to make this cultural change but sleep (among many other things) is good for us.
It helps us recharge and refuel so we can do our best.

Sometimes sleep will solve anxiety, issue with people, will give you ideas, and will let you feel better.
The reality is that we don’t sleep enough, but we go to gym probably more often than we need.

Let’s see sleep as personal hygene, or as a training. We shouldn’t slack, but we need to take our hours of sleep.

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